Time to take Flight with Be Yoga!

Just a few mor days left until Be Yoga’s Arial Teacher Trianing Program is soaring high!

Do not forget to sign up, contact us for information, && get prepared to flip upside down with us in this intensive teacher training program.  With opportunities to train and teach at our Palo Alto location, this program opens up endless options to learn more about arial yoga and Be Yoga’s very own Flight Club!

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Arial Teacher Training at Be Yoga!

It’s back && stronger than before….Be Yoga’s Arial Tracher Training Progam kicks off 2014!

Aerial Teacher Training-1

Held between January 30th- February 2nd at the Palo Alto and Mountain View locations, the Arial Teacher Training Progam will provide insight and a comprehensive instruction course, resulting in opprotunities to teach && train at Be Yoga locations.

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Yoga time during the Holidays

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to all you Be Yogis!

We hear at Be Yoga are so excited and grateful to be sharing this Holiday Season with you.  With the Holidays upon us already we a Be would love to see you visit and will be offering a special Holiday schedule…this way you can indulge in pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and even a hot toddy (maybeee two!


Just to highlight a few classes during this Holiday Season — Be Yoga at Palo Alto will feature TWO classes on Christmas day.  Both a Vinyasa Flow level 2/3 hot class will be taught by Lisa, one at 10:15am and the other right at Noon.  Please make sure to pre-regiser but if you have spur of the moment decision to join…we’d love to share the Christmas Holiday with you in a yoga class!

Have a beautiful, celebratory, && thankful Holiday!

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Be Yoga Holiday Party — Thursday Dec. 12th!

This Thursday Be Yoga is sharing & celebrating the Holiday spirits with all!  

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 11.49.47 AM

Pleas join us at our PaloAalto location to join the cheer and spread some merry wishes this Holiday season.  We have show stealing entertainment with a Silent Auction and all proceeds going straight into our newly created Scholarship Fund, started to provide support to those that cannot always financially practice yoga.  Cocktail attire is suggested as we spread the holiday cheer with our yogi friends…kinda nice we get to see each other not in yoga attire! 🙂 The Holiday party kicks off at 6:30pm and please feel free to arrive at the best best for you.

We here at Be Yoga cannot wait to celebrate the Holiday Season with you & are so excited to be building this Scholarship Program with your support!

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Holiday Party & Silent Auction Thursday December 12

ImageJoin us for our Holiday Party & Silent Auction

Proceeds benefit the Be Yoga Scholarship Program

Cocktail attire suggested.

Be ready for a one of a kind auction with a diverse range of items from astrology reading and Feng Shui consultation to a bikini car wash. We are committed to providing yoga to everyone. This program will enable us to give the gift of yoga to those who could not otherwise afford it. For more information please visit http://www.be-yoga.com/scholarship

Be Yoga Palo Alto, 440 Kipling St, Palo Alto (650) 906-9016 Be Yoga on Facebook

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 4.54.13 PM


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Thanksgiving at Be Yoga

Hello Be Yogis!

With these last days approaching the Thanksgiving Holiday keep in mind that we have A LOT moving around at Be Yoga.  Just wanted to send a little shot out on all our items so everyone’s in the “know”. 🙂

  • #beThankfulNovember is coming to a close…so with your last visits to Be Yoga locations in November, please do not forget to snap a pic of why you’re thankful (before or after class) and use our hashtag #beThankfulNovember to spread the mindfulness of this holiday.
  • Thanksgiving SALE!  Wohoo for yoga Sales!!  We have a 10 Class Card on Sale for the Thanksgiving Holiday that’s at an amazing price… $120.  WOW!  With our 10 Class Cards normally priced at $160, this Thanksgiving deal is worth it…don’t forgt to make your purchases before all the Turkey & stuffing is gone!
  • Thanksgiving Sechdule:  Yes & Yes, we are open on November 28th!  We will be feature a Gratitude Class on Thanksgiving morning.  The Palo Alto class will be instructed by Lisa at 10:00am-11:15am and Noe Valley’s class will be taught by Ali at 10:15-11:30am.  If you want a pre-thanksgiving meal sweat do not forget to pre-register!
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Thanksgiving Sale

As we continue to take this month as a reflection of our thankfulness in celebrating #beThankfulNovember we here at Be Yoga also wanted to kick off the Holidays with the best kind of surprise…a SALE!!

Yes, yes it’s time to kick off our Thankgiving celebrations with our 10 Class Card Sale!  Available for purchse in Be Yoga locations and online we are sharing our 10 Class Card for $120.  With Thanksgiving quickly approaching take advantage of this celebortory deal before it’s long gone…just like the Turkey.


See all you Be Yogis soon! 🙂

P.S. Don’t forget to snap a picture and instragam if on why you’re thankful with our hashtag #beThankfulNovember

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Yay for #beThankfulNovember!

We here at Be Yoga hope you all have been enjoying this November and enjoying the fact that it’s now officially okay to say “Happy Holidays!“.  [Best thing to say to one another!]  We’re in the midst of celebrating and sharing our thankfulness with our community through #beThankfulNovemeber and have seen some truly wonderful expressions of thankfulness.

One Be Yogi shared how thankful she is for having beautiful art, her children, and Be Yoga in her life. [And no, we didn’t force her to share that last little part! 🙂 ]  Another Be Yogi has shared that coming to a Be Yoga location is more than just coming to a yoga studio or a gym, it’s like coming home.

Again, we’re celebrating all month long so on your next visit snap a picture before or after class to share what you’re thankful for in that minute, that specific day, this past year….and please do not forget to use our hashtag #beThankfulNovember.

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Happy Holiday Season Be Yogis!

With this November upon us Be Yoga would like to share & encourage ours and your appreciation, gratitude, and  mindfulness of  why we celebrate this month.  November is [so] much more than just digging into a pecan pie or eating mashed potatoes…it’s about passing the gravy around to those who are special to you and taking a moment out of life to share and celebrate our thankfulness for one another & the world.

All November long, when you visit us please take an instagram picture of what/why you’re thankful.  Are you thankful to practice that specific day?  Are you thankful for Be Yoga?  Are you thankful for an hour and 15 minute to yourself?  Share it with us…just please use our hashtag:: #beThankfulNovember 


Help us to reflect and be mindful of the things & people the mean the most to us.  All November long we’ll be taking the time to be a tad bit more mindful and sharing it with the world through instagram && hope that all you Be Yogis will celebrate with us!

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Try Something New: Hot Vinyasa Flow

With the crisp chill in the air, the turn of the leave on the streets of Palo Alto it’s hard to deny that autumn isn’t in full force.  The turn of the season brings us towards not only the holiday season, but also the commonality of seeking comfort underneath a blanket at home after a long days work.

Rather than falling off the Be Yoga train and missing a “few” classes here and there during these colder months, set an objective now…put in place a goal to attend  to your practice one and/or twice a week…dare yourself to push the comfort zone during this Holiday season, opt into a higher level class.  Also, a great work around to these cooler days while also getting a high level yoga practice would be participating in a HOT YOGA VINYASA FLOW CLASS!  Yes, yes…”Hot” but really now be yogis…if you’ve been dedicated in your non-heated practice all summer long, a heated option of Vinyasa Flow is a great way to step up the intensity level while also finding immediate warmth during your yoga visit.

With classes heated between 95 degrees to 110 degrees with humidity as well, a Hot Vinyasa Flow class enables the body to approach a practice at a quicker pace as opposed to spending greater lengths of time “warming” up the body in a non-heated class during the cooler months.   Preparation is key to going a Hot Vinyasa Flow Class:  Hydrate hours before the the class, bring a towel…don’t worry, we’re all use to sweat, and  always keep in mind that Downward Dog and Child’d pose are wonderful resting poses to catch your breath.

During these chilly days, we at Be Yoga dare you to test your limits.  Test out a few things that just might be your New Year’s Resolution…and make it a goal to not have these cooler days effect your yoga practice because we have a very warm yoga alternative! 🙂

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